1st Out Bursary Summerseat

27 April 2001 3 September 2001




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Original Borough - Bury
From 2001 to 2003 the 1st Out Bursary funded a series of temporary commissions by recent graduates in the North West. The commissions showcased the best new artists while providing training, support and mentoring.

The development programme was a collaboration between North West universities and the Irwell Sculpture Trail aimed at developing future public art practice and providing artists with the skills they need to enter the profession.

The commissions ran over three years and each year focused on a different area. In 2001 the graduates were based in Summerseat in Bury, in 2002 the site was Bacup and in 2003 Salford Quays and Ordsall were the focus.

The selected artists chose the theme, site and community they wanted to work with and created very different projects that challenge and complement the other artworks on the Irwell Sculpture Trail.

Artist: Anita Burrows
Title: Stop, Look, Listen
Location: Summerseat Primary School
‘Stop, Look, Listen’ was an installation based on a school cloakroom at Summerseat Primary School. Created with and for the young people of Summerseat, it references children’s safety and how much freedom they might have.

Artist: Clare Negus
Title: Grow a Desire Line
Location: Brooksbottom
This project developed new desire line, usually a path developed by erosion caused by footfall, which lead to an overlooked beauty spot. It was marked using wildflower seeds donated by Landlife; a Liverpool based environmental charity that promotes creative conservation. Participants received a packet of seeds with planting instructions, prepared by the artist and they were invited back to grow their own seeds.

Artist: Louise Brookes
Title: Becoming Local
Location: Waterside Inn
‘Becoming Local’ is exactly what Louise attempted to do for four months at the Waterside Inn by entering the pub quiz every week, making prizes for the winners and offering a dog walking service for locals. An exhibition of her explorations went on display in the foyer of the local pub followed by a series of interventions (Image right).

Artist: Lucie Horn
Title: Resurgence
Location: Between India St and Thorn St
Lucie temporarily recreated the foundations of a demolished row of mill cottages by drawing them in chalk and brick dust as a memorial to the loss of a significant part of Summerseat’s heritage.

Of the project the artist said ‘I am fascinated by the tangibility of objects, memorabilia and life. My art works develop from investigation and exploration of things that are fragile’.

Stop, Look, Listen - Anita Burrows.

Grow a Desire Line - Clare Negus.

Becoming Local - Louise Brookes.

Resurgence - Lucie Horn.

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