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Rose n Bowl Public House
93 Newchurch Road, OL13 0DM
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(Directly across the road from the Lee &
Cragg Quarries entrance, free WiFi)

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Lee & Cragg Quaries, Free on site parking
Free parking at Newchurch Road car park
(in the centre of Stacksteads) OL13 0UH

Stacksteads Car Parks:




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Cycling in Greater Manchester

Events along the Trail

World Gravy Wrestling Championships


Adrenaline Gateway

Over the past three years an exciting new breed of mountain bike trail centre has been developing in East Lancashire. Two disused quarries in the hills above Bacup, Rossendale have been turned in to a paradise for mountain bikers. In a review of Lee Quarry in 2009 Mountain Bike Rider Magazine said "We've seen the future and it's in Lancashire."

Since then Adrenalin Gateway have continued to develop the trails and there are now a network of red and black graded cross country trails in both Lee and Cragg quarries. Lee Quarry boasts around 8km of tough technical mountain bike trails comprising rock gardens, drop offs, tabletop jumps, challenging climbs and some of the biggest berms you will find in the UK. It also has a very popular pump track and four purpose built cycle trials areas. It doesn't matter what type of mountain bike you turn up on you will find something to challenge you.  

Cragg Quarry has a bit more of a gentle feel to it with just over 4.5km of flowing Singletrack. It is not an easy ride and to get the best out of it you have to attack it full on. 4.5km does not sound long but once you have been tempted to do a couple of laps at full speed your legs will be screaming for a rest. Lee and Cragg Quarry are now linked by a multi-user route across the moors. This route is over 2km running between the quarries is and is intended for use by walkers and horse riders as well as cyclists and it has been designed with all users in mind. It is great fun to ride on a bike though and site lines are very good so as long as you give way to other users you can ride it as fast as you dare.

The over all theme for Lee and Cragg Quarries though is skills development. These trails have been built by top designers including Rowan Sorrell and Dafydd Davis in such a way as to encourage you to develop your bike handling skills and confidence. Rock gardens, berms, drop offs and climbs have all been built so that they are easy to session and after a few hours in either quarry you will come away a better rider.

Use of the trails is free and they are always open.


Valley of Stone

Valley of Stone
Valley of Stone has been a three year, £650,000 project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund to record, present and celebrate the quarrying and stone working heritage of Rossnedale.  From the late 18th century to the time of the First World War, quarrying was a major industry in Rossendale, employing thousands of men.  Rossendale stone was exported in huge quantities throughout the UK and beyond.

The project has taken an ambitious approach to this work.  It involved environmental improvements at Thurns Head Quarry, Cowclough Rake, guided walks and town trails, interpretation panels at key sites, conservation by local stone masons, training for volunteers in conservation techniques and oral history skills and creative responses by artists working in different media.

The project is managed by Groundwork Pennine Lancashire with their partners, Horse + Bamboo Theatre, Mid Pennine Arts, CAR Video Unit, Centre for Virtual Environments (University of Salford), and Heritage Recording Services.  Our partners have been the key success of the project.  Valley of Stone has brought together partners that ordinarily may never meet. This has led to new partnerships and friendships being formed.

As part of the project over £85,000 of volunteer time has been recorded on the project - this is from the wealth of volunteers who have helped. Leading guided walks, recording oral histories, reclaiming and conserving key sites from years of encroachment as well as volunteers who have helped with partner projects.


Poppies Deli-Café

Poppies Deli-Café is wonderful local delicatessen with eat in facilities. Based in Stacksteads, Rossendale, we offer high quality, healthy foodstuffs for the discerning customer - in fact, all of our produce is locally sourced and of the best quality available.

Over the past few years, an exciting new breed of mountain bike trail centre has been developing just minutes away from Poppies Deli. A disused quarry in the hills above Bacup and Stacksteads has been turned into a paradise for mountain bikers. Lee Mill Quarry has become one of the region's most popular bike tracks, with visitors flocking in from all over the country. Riders often start or finish their day off at Poppies Deli with a bite to eat and a chat with the locals


Rose n Bowl

The Rose N Bowl is a well recognised pub and restaurant based in Stacksteads Lancashire. The restaurant boasts a very varied food menu and traditional carvery serving 4 separate meats carved in front of you. The Rose N Bowl is one of the leading carveries in Rossendale why not decide for yourself if it’s the best. All our food is fresh local produce and cooked in houses.

Tel: 01706 879555


World Gravy Wrestling Championships

Without a doubt this is one of the World’s craziest culinary competitions. A wild and whacky wrestling competition in a pool full of Lancashire Gravy! Contestants must wrestle in the Gravy for 2 minutes whilst being scored for audience applause and various different moves.

Hosted by the Rose N Bowl on the August Bank Holiday weekend, Gravy Wrestling is now in its 4th Year and based on having fun...although there is serious competitive streak among most competitors. 


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